Volunteer Program




All volunteers are asked to attend our mandatory orientation and tour before becoming a regular volunteer at the home. After the orientation is completed a regular schedule is set and each volunteer will receive a volunteer badge for entry into the home at the scheduled time.

1.   Fill Out Online Registration Form provided at the bottom of this page.
2.  Attend the mandatory Orientation & Training.
3.  Schedule your volunteer time.
4.  Retrieve badge from Healing Home office.
5.  Then enjoy time with the babies!

ORIENTATIONS: Monthly orientations are held every Wednesday, and 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month at 9:30 am.

Volunteer programs

Baby Sign Time- Monday's at 9:30am.    宝宝手势时间-周一9:30am

We need volunteers to help with this class!  If you are available Monday mornings, please contact Jessica and let us know if you can join.  All that is needed to participate is a willingness to hold the children on your lap and engage them as the video and leader direct.  We need a one-to-one volunteer to baby ratio for this class, so the more volunteers, the more babies that can participate! 



Music Time- Tuesday's at 2:30pm   音乐课-周二2:30pm

Through percussion, parachute, and dress-up play, we aim to help the babies develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills; expand their imaginations; and build a lifelong love of music.  



Toddler Class 幼儿课程-Monday to  Friday from 2:15-3:30pm. 
周一到周五 下午2:15-3:30

Melissa has been doing a great job with our older children at SHH having a weekly “class” time.  They are doing crafts, signing songs, and listening to stories.  Volunteers are welcome to help the kids interact and support Melissa.  Contact Jessica (jgfeller@charitydreamshanghai.cn) for class times and find one that will suit your schedule.  You do not need to come every week in order to be a help.

Art Class- Friday's at 9:30am   艺术课-周五9:30am

Art class is going great with Cindy Hu leading every week, and the kids are having a blast. Come on over if you'd like to join in the fun.

由Cindy Hu带领的艺术课进展非常好,孩子们都非常享受。如果你想加入这份乐趣中,就过来吧!



1. Without your volunteer badge you will not be allowed to enter the Home.
2. No visitors are allowed to accompany volunteers. (please refer your visitor to attend one of our scheduled orientation meetings and ask them to register under "Plan an Orientation"--meetings are held every Wednesday at 9:30AM and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 9:30AM.)
3. If you have recently been sick please do not visit the Home.
4. Do not feed the babies, change diapers, or awaken a sleeping baby.
5. Volunteers are not allowed on the 3rd floor of the Home.
6. Wash your hands immediately upon entering and leaving the Home.
7. Take off your shoes and do not leave your personal affects unattended.
8. Donations are to placed in the safe inside the office or the volunteers’ lounge.
9. Volunteers must leave by 5pm so babies can be given a bath and prepare for the bed.


Thank you for your time that will make a difference in a child's life!