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Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program




All volunteers are asked to attend our mandatory orientation and tour before becoming a regular volunteer at the home. After the orientation is completed a regular schedule is set and each volunteer will receive a volunteer badge for entry into the home at the scheduled time.

1.   Fill Out Online Registration Form.
2.  Attend the mandatory Orientation & Training.
3.  Schedule your volunteer time.
4.  Retrieve badge from Healing Home office.
5.  Then enjoy time with the babies!


Orientation in Chinese only: Every Tuesday at 9:30am and the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 9:30am

中文专场介绍会:每个周二上午9:30 以及每个月第二、第四个周日上午9:30

Orientation in English only: Every Wednesday at 9:30am and the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month at 9:30am

英文专场介绍会:每周三上午9:30 以及每个月第二、第四个周六上午9:30

Volunteer programs

Baby Sign Time- Monday's at 9:30am.    宝宝手势时间-周一9:30am

We need volunteers to help with this class!  If you are available Monday mornings, please contact Jessica and let us know if you can join.  All that is needed to participate is a willingness to hold the children on your lap and engage them as the video and leader direct.  We need a one-to-one volunteer to baby ratio for this class, so the more volunteers, the more babies that can participate! 



Music Time- Tuesday's at 2:30pm   音乐课-周二2:30pm

Through percussion,  parachute, and dress-up play, we aim to help the babies develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills; expand their imaginations; and build a lifelong love of music.  



Art Class- Friday's at 9:30am   艺术课-周五9:30am

Art class is going great and the kids are having a blast. Come on over if you'd like to join in the fun.



 Toddler classes are Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday from 2:30-4:30pm and Tuesdays from 9:00-11:30am.


Our older children at SHH attend weekly "class" time. They do crafts, sing songs, listen to stories, and learn ABCs and numbers. Volunteers are welcome to assist the teacher with their classes. Contact Jessica at  if you are interested in helping.

我们年龄大一些的孩子会有每周的课程时间。他们做手工,唱歌,听故事,学习字母和数字。欢迎志愿者们来协助这些课程。如果你对相关帮助感兴趣,请联系Jessica at



Volunteer hours are from 8:30AM-5PM

志愿时间为    8:30am-5pm

1. Take off your shoes and put on a pair of slippers when you come in the door. 进门请脱鞋,并且换上拖鞋

2. Wash you hands! Before playing with the children, when changing playrooms, and before you leave the Home.  在进入不同的游戏室与孩子们玩之前,请洗手!并在离开房间后也请洗手!

3. Take off the slippers before going into the play room    请在进入房间之前将拖鞋脱在房间外面再进去

4. Do not visit the Home if you have been sick 如果你近期有感冒或者生病,请暂时勿参与志愿活动

5. Do not give snacks to the babies 请不要自己给孩子喂零食

6. Do not be alone with a child 请不要独自跟孩子在一起

7. Don't take pictures of the children with an open cleft lip. 不要拍孩子们唇裂的照片。

8.Don’t correct the caregivers and follow any instructions the caregivers give you concerning baby care. 不要纠正照顾者, 并遵守护理人员给你的有关婴儿护理的任何指示。

9. All volunteers visiting the Home must bring their volunteer badge every time you visit; however, you do not need to wear them inside the playrooms where the babies may chew on them or tear them up. Volunteers who do not present with a badge will not be allowed to come into the Home. If you have been to an orientation meeting and need a volunteer badge made then please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jessica, at to request to have a badge made before your next visit.

所有志愿者拜访必须每次都配带志愿者铭牌;但是,你不需要在游戏室佩戴,因为孩子们可能咀嚼或撕碎他们。不带铭牌的志愿者不允许进入医治之家。如果你参加了介绍会并需要志愿者铭牌,请联系志愿者协调员Jessica,可以发送邮件至                                             在你下次拜访之前索要志愿者铭牌!

10. All visitors must have attended an orientation meeting and be able to follow the rules for volunteers. Visitors who do not meet these requirements will be asked to not visit the Home until all requirements are met.


11. Minimum age for volunteers is 10 years old.  Visitors that are 7-9 years old must be accompanied by a parent and must remain with their parent during the whole visit. Visitors under the age of 7 are not permitted in the Home.   志愿者最小年龄限制为10岁。7-9岁的来访者必须由家长陪同,必须保持与父母在整个访问期间都在一起。7岁以下的访客不允许进入。

12. Maximum number of visitors allowed in the Home at the same time is 15 people.  一次性来访人数最多为15人。

Thank you for your time that will make a difference in a child's life!