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The Shanghai Healing Home is funded 100% by the generous donations of our sponsors and one-time donors. We are very grateful to accept donations of any amount and form. Below are suggested sponsorship plans if you or a group of your friends would like to fully sponsor the cost of one baby’s daily expenses. Name a baby by being the first sponsor of one of our new babies. 上海医治之家完全依靠我们的资助者,合作伙伴和其他捐助者的资助而运行。无论资助金额多少,我们都非常感激。如果你或者你的朋友团体希望资助我们的宝宝的 日常花费,以下是一些资助计划。 通过成为我们新宝贝中的第一位宝贝资助者可以为孩子取名字


Full Learning Sponsorship

Become an Full Learning Sponsor at 2,000RMB/month (300 USD/month) to support ongoing operating cost for 1 student.成为全额学习资助者,每月两千人民币(三百美金)支持一位学生的学习花费。


Full Baby Sponsorship

Name a baby by being the first baby sponsor of one of our new babies. 通过成为我们新宝贝中的第一位宝贝资助者可以为孩子取名字 Become a Full Baby Sponsors with a commitment of 5,000 RMB or 800 USD per month for 12 months. This covers all costs for one (1) baby. 成为孩子全部花费的资助者需保证12个月以每月5000RMB或800USD的资助。这包含了一个宝宝的所有花费。


Baby Care Sponsorship

Baby Care sponsorship covers the cost of the care givers providing 24 hour care for each baby. Be a Baby Care Sponsor by committing 3,000 RMB or 475 USD per month. 这些费用用于宝宝的24小时看护。新来的宝宝的第一个资助者,可以为他取名。


Medical Sponsorship 手术资助

Become a medical sponsor, which covers unexpected medical expenses due to intensive care, surgeries and hospitalization for illness with a one-time donation of  10,000 RMB. 一次性资助 10000人民币成为一个手术的资助。


Home Sponsorship

Be a home sponsor and help the cost for monthly operating the home for our babies. Each month our home rental and operational cost is approximately 22,000RMB or 3400USD.成为房屋赞助者并且赞助每个月的房屋费用支出,我们每个月的租金和运营成本大约在22000人民币或3400美元。


SHH Partner Sponsorship

Monthly reoccurring donations for 12 months(for example:$15,$25,$50,or$100)(100-600元) 每月定期捐赠,持续12个月(比如每月捐赠15美金、25美金,50美金、或者100美金)(100-600人民币)


Education Sponsorship 孩子教育资助。

As a new school year approaches we are seeking contributions for three of our precious SHH and Full-time staff children to attend the Learning Beyond Academy. You may contribute to fund scholarships that would provide an education they might otherwise never receive. Sponsor a child’s full time education at LBA 4,000RMB/month.在新学年到来之际,我们正在寻找三份针对我们宝贵的新生命之家和全职员工孩子的贡献,以使孩子们进入LBA学校。你可以捐助资助奖学金,提供他们可能从来没有收到的教育。赞助一个孩子在LBA接受全时段教育的费用是每个月4000人民币!


Friend Sponsorship 手术资助

Donations of any amount are welcome and very much needed and appreciated.  我们欢迎任何数额的赞助因为新生命之家需要赞助,我们也感谢大家的赞助。



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