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Hao Hao's need

Our little Hao Hao (小胖子) is in the PICU right now. He started running a fever around noon yesterday, but his temperature decreased after giving him some fever medication. During the evening, he had a seizure, and we rushed him to the hospital. The doctor did a blood test, and it showed that Hao Hao’s white blood cells were very high. They did a CT scan and spinal tap, but both tests were normal. This morning they retested his blood, and his WBC’s were even higher. So the doctor admitted him to the PICU. We would really appreciate your prayers for this little one. We know that God is in control. We have already spent about 10,000 rmb (~1500 USD), and we are expecting to spend approx. 20,000-30,000RMB (~3000-4500 USD) more. Please consider giving to Hao Hao’s hospital costs.