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Become a volunteer

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The Healing Home has an active volunteer program...


Baby development classes, music classes, sign language classes and more. Simply sign up to attend one of our weekly orientations and then jump into the schedule. Our hope is that you come and fall in love with one of our babies. They will impact you more than you will you know.
上海新生命之家现在运作的志愿者项目适合各年龄的志愿者,项目包括:儿童成长课堂、音乐课堂、语言课堂等。简单的网上注册后,您可以参加每周的志愿者培 训,然后可以安排您的时间来志愿服务。我们希望您能够来到新生命之家,喜欢上在那里的宝宝。他们会对您的生命带来意想不到的影响。

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