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Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

100% funded by private donors

Sponsorship opportunities & partnerships


The Shanghai Healing Home is funded 100% by the generous donations of our sponsors and one-time donors. We are very grateful to accept donations of any amount and form. Below are suggested sponsorship plans if you or a group of your friends would like to fully sponsor the cost of one baby’s daily expenses. Name a baby by being the first sponsor of one of our new babies. 上海医治之家完全依靠我们的资助者,合作伙伴和其他捐助者的资助而运行。无论资助金额多少,我们都非常感激。如果你或者你的朋友团体希望资助我们的宝宝的 日常花费,以下是一些资助计划。 通过成为我们新宝贝中的第一位宝贝资助者可以为孩子取名字

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